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From the Chairman's Desk

After obtaning par excellence in the field of education and physical education within seven years of its establishment , the USHA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE has added another mile-stone in its KET POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, Frah, Near Mathura Reinary and Pt. Deen Dayal Dham Farah Mathura as its latest achievement.

In my opinion every child is an individual and as an Indian citizen every individual has similar rights and duties encompassed in the country's constitutions and every one is equally entitled for making progress in the field of choice as per its caliber and eligibility. However, most of institutions wish to care for the education of the children that descend from higher families with highly ranked qualifications. What I feel is that the children from middle and low rank families with low of educational career have largely been ignored for their career building facilities.

The purpose of opening an avenue for Polytechnic education is to provide facilities to neglected group of children for the job-oriented technical education to cast them as techno crafts, the Junior Engineers This would facilitate opening of job-doors for them in the Govt. /Semi-Govt./private/Self-Employment sectors in both rural and urban areas enabling then become earner hands and to stand in society with high heads.

I am hopeful that the institute would be helpful in bringing about the economic development of the society at large and adding a pinch to the sustainable development of our Nation.

Seeking for your cooperation.