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Electrical Engineering

The Diploma in Electrical Engineering program guarantees that understudies advance in their vocation with the essential aptitudes and a comprehension of each part of power based innovation. It additionally investigates progressed science, processing, functional designing abilities and modern applications to prep an understudy to be prepared for business or higher examinations.

The Electrical Engineering office has very much qualified workforce, dominant part of them are with M. Tech degree with specialization in the field of electrical force, control framework and microcomputer based instrumentation and control. The office has all around qualified group of visiting workforce from scholastics and industry.

They visit to the division at normal stretch to convey master addresses and talk about ongoing patterns in the field of Electrical Engineering, Power framework - age, transmission and circulation and control and so on


  • STo equip students with advanced skills and practical knowledge in engineering.
  • To produce technocrats who can fill the demand for qualified electrical engineers to support the organizations
  • To provide technocrats who can make valuable contributions in planning, designing, operating, installing, configuring and maintaining electrical systems.

Career Opportunity

Competitors who have finished recognition in Electrical Engineering can work in both electrical designing and gadgets designing fields. There are a few government occupations which are accessible in these fields. Applicants who seek to seek after their vocation in government area after confirmation in Electrical Engineering can search for any of these jobs.Details of these positions are given underneath

In the event that you wish to seek after this program or have any further inquiries, if you don't mind call KET polytechnic institute +91 88997 90004