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promote academic growth in rural areas. KET develops human resources on Intellectual capable for different fields.

Creation of knowledge in a temple of education centre like KET Polytechnic's have a major impact on the development index of nation.

The role of teachers are utmost important to cast the students in various shapes like Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Architects who build the nation. Hence teachers are the pillars of knowledge. No other way is better to serve a society than to be a committed and creative researcher.

But in knowledge era, there is a serious national crisis of acute shortage of qualified and dedicated teachers and researchers. Infact, teaching requires some innate qualities. Who will teach your next generation unless some of you with innate qualities opt for the very noble and satisfying profession of teaching? Besides dissemination, new knowledge has to be created regularly to move up which could be possible by opting teaching and research professions. Therefore, you must listen your inner voice and do the same rather what other urges you to do.

Seeking for your cooperation.

Er. Umesh Chand